AaD congratulates Sara Stojcevska on acceptance to PARSONS. Sara has been made the recipient of a full scholarship!

We are pleased to learn that Sara Stojcevska has received full scholarship to study at PARSONS. Well done!

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Here is AaD personalised reference for Sara:

Sara is a very talented, ambitious and determined young individual. Sara is without a previous formal education in fine art/design, therefore attending your course at Parsons will enable her to both improve her creative abilities and identify her particular interests, giving her a stronger direction in her further studies and future career.

I fully support her application and hope you will be able to grant her a scholarship, as she would be unable to attend the course without your financial support. By receiving a scholarship, Sara would be able to fully dedicate herself to her studies at Parsons; with her fine character, personal flair and abilities, she would certainly be able to inspire new generations of creative individuals in Macedonia, her country of origin. Becoming one of the first professionally trained fashion stylists or fashion photographers in Macedonia, to pursue either of these as a profession in her home country, would also benefit her future career (as well as assist in establishing these particular professions in becoming more recognised professional activities in Macedonia). Furthermore, I am confident that with her abilities, dedication, ambition and persuasiveness, she would become a role model to other local, creative young individuals – showing that ‘the impossible is possible’ and encouraging others to attempt the same, by believing in themselves and ‘aiming high’.

Sara has an innovative and individual way of thinking and working, as reflected in her project ‘classy girl & bad boy’ (http://sara-stojcevska.wix.com/shap#!photoshoots/c199t) where in the process of completing various tasks of a fashion stylist, make up artist, etc, she has: identified one of the most interesting locations in her hometown Skopje; secured the participation of appropriate models; experimented with art direction and finally, engaged in digital editing and the retouching of photographs. This considerable effort should be recognised by your tutors as a professional attempt to set up and engage with the various tasks at hand, in response to a given brief; it also demonstrates her ability to complete and deliver a complex project. She clearly already has the ability to work well with photography, layout, typography; her style is modern, interesting and ‘flirty’, a quality rarely seen in the work of such a young student. I therefore believe in her potential and fully support her intention of studying at Parsons – and very much hope that your department will offer her the opportunity to pursue her ambition by supporting her application for a scholarship.

My assessment of Sara’s abilities and potential are based on my experience as both an academic and as a professional creative individual, who has worked as a tutor in London since 2005, teaching numerous young fashion stylists, fashion designers, fashion photographers, graphic designers and artists in Istituto Marangoni in London. Professionally, I have worked with renowned fashion photographs such as Nick Knight, Steven Meisel, and others on various fashion campaigns for Prada, etc (as senior art director at David James Associates in London, 2002-5). I have also supported a previous student from Marangoni in her successful application to Parsons, Marilila Kyrtata (http://www.newschool.edu/parsons/profiles_alumni.aspx?id=82458&ProfileTypeFilter..) who was enrolled as an MA student at your university. I hope therefore that you will see my support of Sara’s application as serious and valuable.

Mphil. Nada Prlja (RCA)
Artist – www.seriousinterests.co.uk
Director – www.aadagencija.com


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