Aims of the course
This course will provide students with an introduction to the concepts and practices of architectural design. And to enable them to construct a portfolio of work that can be used to make an application for study on an undergraduate architecture or related programme either at Central Saint Martins or elsewhere. Through a series of briefs, workshops, lectures and visits you will develop your research, design and communication skills to develop proposals for architectural and spatial outcomes. This course will ask you to explore the historical and ideological context for the built environment as you begin to consider the use of technology and materials in its fabrication. While this is not an interior design course students will address the spatial qualities of interior and exterior spaces and the requirements of different users for both. By the end of the course you will have developed new practical and conceptual skills that will allow you to create a portfolio that expresses your own creative approach within the conventions of architectural and spatial communication.


The Architecture Design Portfolio Course is a full-time course providing two days tuition per week across three ten-week terms. Each term is a separate course that is taught on a progressive basis, providing the opportunity to study for up to one academic year. You are recommended to take all three courses, but this is not essential.

There are three points of entry based upon the application date for undergraduate courses in the UK:

Autumn Term (October to December 2012) You are accepted if you have the potential to produce a suitable portfolio of work within six months to present at interview.

Spring Term (January to March 2013) You are accepted if you have some previous experience in architecture or spatial design and have the potential to produce a suitable portfolio of work within three months to present at interview.

Summer Term (April to June 2013) Students of varying ability are accepted at this point with the view that they have the potential to begin further studies in architecture or spatial design in October 2014 after completing a full year of the course.

Summer Term – Foundations (April to June 2013)
This term is designed as an introduction to design for buildings and spaces and is therefore for students who are new to this experience. You will be provided with a range of exercises and briefs that will introduce the fundamental concepts of architecture and spatial design alongside developing your basic skills in appropriate means of visual communication. This term will include visits to London exhibitions and to the summer exhibitions of London schools of architecture.

Areas of study include:
• Observational drawing
• Understanding scale
• Drawing orthographic projections
• Dynamic and creative research techniques
• Designing in 3 dimensions
• The design process
• Understanding context

Autumn Term – Structures (October to December 2012)
This term builds on the ideas and skills introduced in the summer term. Largely studio based you will work on a series of demanding briefs that will allow you to create the bulk of your portfolio and further add to your developing range of practical and conceptual skills.

Areas of study include:
• Sketching objects
• Axonometric drawing
• Making a site survey
• The spatial design process • Basic structural principles
• Introduction to materials • Sketch model making

Spring Term – Façades (January to March 2013)
The culmination of the year, this term takes the thinking and techniques from the previous two courses and provides you with the opportunity to display your understanding in a well organised and presented portfolio. Briefs this term continue to develop your spatial design abilities while allowing you to acquire further practical communication skills.

Areas of study include:
• Perspective drawing
• Model making
• Photography
• 3D modelling using Google Sketch-Up
• Photoshop for collage and visualisation
• Portfolio preparation
• Portfolio Review by BA Course Director.

The two other courses we offer are in ART and DESIGN.

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